Accolades for Grace Browning

"A trio of oboists...joined the harpist Grace Browning to give a starkly beautiful account of Birtwistle's instrumental fragment 'Dinah and Nick's Love Song'..."

-The New Yorker

“The orchestra played cleanly for the most part, and special praise is due to several of the spotlighted principal players: harpist
Grace Browning, flutist Bart Feller, clarinetist Todd Levy
and of course verrophonist Friedrich Heinrich Kern.”

-Santa Fe New Mexican for Santa Fe Opera’s production of Lucia di Lammermoor

"Ms. Browning was superbly accomplished in the complex and busy harp writing...[in Jolivet's 'Chant de Linos']."

-South Florida Classical Review


"Ms. Browning, an exceptionally gifted harpist, enraptured the capacity crowd at the [Young Texas Artist's Music Competition].  The melodies were entrancing, while watching her nimble fingers caress every note was one of those rare experiences to savor again and again. Prolonged applause demonstrated approval when this young woman won the coveted gold medal in Winds; Brass; Harp & Guitar Division."

 - Your Houston News, 2015

"...Returning from her solo turn, Browning played with nimble dexterity and tonal radiance, her duets with Yamamoto exuding the finely honed collaborative intimacy of chamber music [in Max Bruch's 'Scottish Fantasy']."

-South Florida Classical Review

"Meanwhile, dressed in a striking black and coral gown, Miss Browning would dazzle the crowd with her astounding skill on the harp, surrounding the instrument with an almost romantic embrace while performing the myriad complexities of "Scintillation" by Carlos Salzedo. In this work full of unpredictable and sometimes hypnotic intervals, she captured the whispering opening phrases as delicate as raindrops, but could transition skilfully to the composition's building power and pulsations, all the while maintaining a focused intensity that was remarkable."

-The People's Critic, 2015

"...Harpist Grace Browning, a former pupil of the New York Philharmonic's Nancy Allen, displayed absolute command of her instrument in Gabriel Pierné's Concertstuck...A first-year New World fellow, Browning displayed superb technical acumen and sensitive musicality in Pierne's flashy vehicle. Whether playing long-limbed melodic lines, rapid arpeggios or lustrous glissandos, Browning was precise and eloquent, bringing particular depth of feeling to the graceful melodic writing in the central episode, the high point of both Pierné's score.."

-South Florida Classical Review

"Grace Browning [age 16] played the challenging harp solos exceptionally well. This kid is going places."

-The Washington Post



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